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First Meeeting Agenda

Our first meeting took take place on October 26, 2001 at the Ann Arbor offices of Internet2. Below is the agenda with links to the presentations. NOTE: the .html versions only seem to work with Internet Explorer!

More information about travel and housing can be found here 

October 26, 2001, 10 AM to 4 PM
Ann Arbor offices of Internet2

10:00 Welcome/Introduction (.html or (.ppt)
Shawn McKee (Michigan)
10:05 Remarks on I2 Applications and HENP
T. Hanss (I2)
10:20 Present and Future Networks: an HENP Perspective (.html) or (.ppt)
H. Newman (Caltech)
10:40 DOE HENP Perspectives on Networks (.html) or (.ppt)
Vicky White (DOE)
10:50 Achieving High Throughput on Production Networks(.html) or (.ppt)
L. Cottrell (SLAC)
11:10 Performance of Parallel TCP Streams in a Production Network(.html) or (.ppt)
T. Hacker (Michigan)
11:30 High Network Throughput at UIC(.html) or (.ppt)
T. DeFanti (J. Leigh Research)
11:50 Grid Monitoring(.pdf) (or (html))
W. Matthews (SLAC)
12:10 LUNCH
13:00 Discussion: Network-related Issues in a Grid Environment (.html) or (.ppt)
D. Yu (BNL)
13:30 Remarks on Internet2 Futures and HENP(.html) or (.ppt)
S. Corbato (I2)
13:45 Remarks on STARLight Developments and HENP (.html) or (.ppt)
T. DeFanti (I2)
14:00 Remarks on HENP and the I2 End-to-end Performance Initiative(.html) or (.ppt)
R. Hobby (I2/UC Davis)
14:20 Discussion/Adoption of Working Group Charter(.html) or (.ppt)
S. McKee (Michigan)
H. Newman (Caltech)
15:00 Break
15:10 Discussion: WG Goals and Workplan(.html) or (.ppt)
S. McKee (Michigan)
H. Newman (Caltech)
15:50 Next Meeting; AOB
16:00+ Further discussions...(those with planes/plans can leave!)

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  • Harvey Newman (Caltech), US CMS Collaboration Board Chair, LHCNet PI, liaison for Internet 2 End-to-End Performance Initiative, 
  • Shawn McKee, Networking Coordinator, US ATLAS Software and Computing Project, 

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