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Help ensure that the required national and international network infrastructures, monitoring tools and facilities, and collaborative systems, are developed and deployed in a timely fashion to meet the needs of the U.S. LHC Program, as well as the HENP community.  Internet2:  The recently established Internet 2 End-to-End performance initiative has chosen HEP to be one focus of their efforts.  We have been welcomed to form an Internet2 Applications Working Group by Fall 2001.



  • Harvey Newman (Caltech), US CMS Collaboration Board Chair, LHCNet PI, liaison for Internet 2 End-to-End Performance Initiative, 
  • Shawn McKee, Networking Coordinator, US ATLAS Software and Computing Project, 

Working Groups

  • Applications Requirements:    Coordinators:  Larry Price (Argonne), Steve Wallace (Indiana)
  • Roadblocks to HENP Networking:    Coordinators: Harvey Newman (Caltech), Tom Hacker (Michigan)







What Document/Version Date Contact
Roadblocks Working Group Draft  MS Word Doc  1.0 7/9/01  Tom Hacker (Michigan)
Application Requirements Working Group Draft  MS Powerpoint  1.0 9/28/01  Larry Price (ANL)
Report from Indianapolis HENP Networking Meeting Powerpoint June 26-28, 2001
ESNet Coordination Committee Meeting, Brookhaven National Laboratory, June 26-28, 2001
Rob Gardner
Trans Atlantic Networking Group Reports Draft 7.4 MS .doc July 3, 2001 Larry Price

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