DOE/NSF Review of LHC Computing, 8 July, 2004. Germantown

DOE/NSF Review of LHC Computing, 8 July., 2004. Germantown

Location: Room E-401, DOE/GTN

Arrive at gate at 08:30 AM Thursday.

Overall agenda:

9:00 Introduction/welcome 5'

9:05 CMS Software & Computing 100'

D. Green, L. Bauerdick, I.Fisk, B.Clare

12:05 Lunch

1:00 ATLAS Software & Computing 100'

J.Shank,I. Hinchliffe, S.Rajagopalan, B. Gibbard

ATLAS session

13:00-13:30 US ATLAS Computing Management J. Shank ppt pdf

13:50-14:10 Physics Analysis Model I. Hinchliffe pdf

14:30-14:55 Software S. Rajagopalan ppt pdf

15:15-15:40 Facilities/Grid/Produciton B. Gibbard ppt pdf

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