DOE/NSF Review of the US ATLAS Physics and Computing Project

Jan 14-16 2003, LBNL

Meeting information

The meeting will take place in Perserverance Hall adjacent to the cafeteria.

The purpose of the meeting is to review the status and plans of the U.S. ATLAS Software and Computing Project.

This review follows a US ATLAS Physics and Computing Advisory Panel review in November.



Tuesday Jan 14 - Grids and Common Projects

8:30-9:00   Committee Executive session, discussion of charge
9:00-9:10   Welcome
9:10-9:30   LHC Status and Schedule - Roger Cashmore here
9:30-10:15  LCG Project Overview and Facilities - Les Robertson here
10:15-10:45 LCG Project - Grid Deployment - Ian Bird here

(up to here talks are by phone/video link; from here on speakers are present)

10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-11:45 LCG Project: Applications - Torre Wenaus
11:45-12:15 US perspective on Grid Deployment Board - Vicky White here
12:15-1:15  Lunch
1:15-1:45   GriPhyN and iVDGL - Paul Avery here
1:45-2:15   PPDG, Trillium and HICB - Ruth Pordes here
2:15-2:45   EDG and EGEE - Fabrizio Gagliardi here
2:45-3:00   Break
3:00-5:00   ATLAS and CMS presentations on managing resources and
            deliverables of common and external projects
            - John Huth here
            - Rob Gardner here

            CMS Talks:  
            L. Bauerdick Bauerdick-Grids-v2.ppt
            R. Cavanaugh Cavanaugh-v3.ppt
5:00-6:00   Discussion of coordination issues

Wednesday Jan 15 - ATLAS

  0830                  Committee Executive Session
  0900   J. Huth        Project Overview
  0930   J. Shank       Budgets profiles 
  1000   D. Barberis    International ATLAS status and plans
  1030     Coffee
  1045   T. Wenaus      Software project status

  1115   I. Hinchliffe  Physics
  1125   D. Quarrie     ATLAS core software status and plans Powerpoint, PDF
  1145   D. Malon       Data management

  1200   B. Gibbard     Facilities Powerpoint, pdf. 
  12:10-12:45:  Discussion, questions posed to ATLAS
  12:45-1:30    Lunch
  1330   Summary of Quarrie, Malon, Hinchliffe talks

  1400   Breakout sessions

         1) Facilities + Grids
         2) Software
               Subdetector software   Srini Rajagopalan
         3) Project management
               BNL software program status

  1600   Discussion, committee executive session

Thursday morning Jan 16 - ATLAS

  0830   ATLAS answers to questions
  0900   Committee executive session (writing)
  1030   ATLAS closeout

  Afternoon:  CMS Review 

The talks should focus on the details of the software and computing projects, how the projects are connected and coordinated with international efforts, how the scope has been modified in the last year, and how resources (funding and manpower) are being allocated. Breakout sessions should provide detailed task and resource breakdowns.


WhoWhere Expertise
Deb Agarwal LBNL CS/Grids
Dominique BoutignyLAPPBaBar s/w; grids
Joel ButlerFNALBteV spokesman
Richard DuboisSLACGLAST s/w coord
Tobias HaasDESYZEUS computing
Nick HadleyU MarylandD0 sr physicist
Barbara JacakSUNYPHENIX physicist
Albert LazzariniCaltechLIGO s/w coord
Cathy Newman-HolmesFNALCDF sr physicist
Jim SmithU Coloex-BaBar s/w coord
Chip WatsonTJNAFComp Div. Dir.
Jon UrheimU MinnMiNOS s/w coord


There are three hotels with blocks of rooms:
Single  $65
Double $75

Rate  $118

Berkeley Marina Radisson
Rate  $118
All are under the pasword "LHC".

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