November 27-30, 2001 US ATLAS Physics and Computing Project DOE/NSF Review

Meeting information

The purpose of the meeting is to review the status and plans of the U.S. LHC Software and Computing Projects for ATLAS and CMS, with the goal to baseline the projects. The charge for the review is below.

The meeting will be held at Fermilab. See the CMS page for full details, including streaming video access to the overview sessions.

This review follows a US ATLAS Physics and Computing Advisory Panel review in October.

Travel info


Full Agenda with rooms

ATLAS-specific agenda including breakout sessions (draft):

9:00-9:40       Project status, budget                John Huth  Powerpoint
9:45-10:20      Software                              Torre Wenaus  Powerpoint  PDF
10:25-10:40     Break
10:45-11:00     Physics                               Ian Hinchliffe  PDF
11:05-11:40     Facilities                            Bruce Gibbard/Rich Baker
                  Bruce Gibbard  Powerpoint  
                  Rich Baker  Powerpoint
11:45-12:00     Networking                            Shawn McKee  Powerpoint
12:05-12:30     Grid planning                         Torre Wenaus/Jenny Schopf
                  Jennifer Schopf  Powerpoint
                  Torre Wenaus  Powerpoint  PDF
Project Management Breakout Session. Thurs 1:30PM
  ATLAS overview     N. McCubbin  Powerpoint
  Project management B. Ernst/ H. Gordon
  US computing management details J. Huth

Core Software Breakout Session. Thurs 1:30PM
        (20 min. talks + 10 min discussion)
  Architecture/Framework  D. Quarrie  30 min  Powerpoint  PDF
  Data management         D. Malon    30 min  Powerpoint  PDF
  Sub-system software     J. Shank    30 min  Powerpoint

Facilities Breakout Session. Thurs 1:30PM
  Tier 1 details  Bruce/Rich
  Tier 2          R. Gardner  Powerpoint
  More on grids??? + DC plans    TBN

Questions from the committee
Answers to the questions
   Answer to R.Dubois' question on US DB responsibilities

Review Charge

Complete charge

For reviewers - assess:

The overall scope of the U.S. LHC S&C efforts and their connections to both the international LHC S&C efforts and the CERN LHC Computing Project;

The risk to U.S. LHC S&C schedule or scope given current funding profiles and overall LHC project

The contributions of each of the U.S. collaboration in providing supporting core and detector-specific software deliverables to the international ATLAS and CMS computing efforts

The function, scope and structure of the national (Tier 1) U.S. LHC computing facilities and their relationship to any smaller regional and university facilities

The integration of computing infrastructure efforts (such as networking and grid computing) into the planning and execution of the U.S. LHC S&C projects

The plans of the U.S. collaborations to provide computing resources to users and their success in integrating them into the software development process

Existing and possible common computing project which could benefit both ATLAS and come

The Project Management Plans, organizational structures and adequacy of personnel for each of the U.S. LHC S&C projects


The most important ("print me!") items we ask you to look at are in bold. The rest are supplemental. Some of these links lead to more links and documents, but everything we would particularly like the committee to be aware of is linked directly from this page. Feel free to explore to deeper levels as you wish.

T. Wenaus