US ATLAS SW Infrastructure
Code Repositories at U.S. ATLAS Tier I Center

This page is not updated since December 2005. Please refer to U.S. ATLAS Software Support Wiki for up-to-date information.

  • CVS code repositories
  • Tag collection for ATLAS releases
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    * CVS code repositories


    U.S. ATLAS Tier I Center maintains the mirror of ATLAS CVS repository at CVSROOT="/afs/". This mirror is available for checkouts only. The import and commit operations should be performed with CERN ATLAS CVS repository that is accessible by the kserver or pserver methods only. For information on CVS commit history or hyperlinked code browsing please refer to the U.S. ATLAS Software Server and CERN Software Development web page

    There is also the local U.S. ATLAS CVS repository for personal work of U.S. ATLAS members and the development projects that might in future go to the ATLAS repository. It consists of the package module for storing finalized packages and the individual modules named with usatlas account usernames. The location is at CVSROOT="/afs/".

    Another repository is the public U.S. ATLAS CVS repository available for users worldwide with pserver access method. To read from this repository, use CVSROOT="" (no password required).

    When working with CERN CVS repository using kserver access method, the CERN Kerberos Version 4 ticket is needed. It can be obtained with klog.krb command:

    Please note: all expired Kerberos Version 4 tickets in your environment should be destroyed with /usr/kerberos/bin/kdestroy before running klog.krb. In case of problems with the CERN CVS repository that require administrative rights to the latter, contact

    Note about CMT and CVS. In ATLAS release the packages have additional version directories that are absent ATLAS CVS repository. It is recommended to use cmt co operation for checkouts since it creates the correct directory hierarchy. See section 12 of CMT manual for details.

    * Tag Collection for ATLAS releases


    The tags for ATLAS releases are collected by special tool Tag Collector. The web page of Tag Collector contains the list of ATLAS releases. The release under construction is the latest release for which users are allowed to modify tags and add packages. The new version of packages appear in the next nightlies. The Tag Collector web page is protected with the password usual for other restricted ATLAS pages.

    * Relevant links


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