US ATLAS SW Infrastructure
Atlas Software Releases at U.S. ATLAS Tier I Center

This page is not updated since December 2005. Please refer to U.S. ATLAS Software Support Wiki for up-to-date information.

  • Organization of ATLAS software at BNL
  • ATLAS software releases at BNL
  • CMT release tool and its setup
  • Work environment
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    * Organization of ATLAS software at BNL


    The U.S. ATLAS Tier I Computing Facility has all ATLAS software releases and relevant external software installed and therefore provides the working environment very similar to CERN's standard. The ATLAS software is available under AFS cell /afs/ You can access it either by connecting directly to the BNL machines or remotely if you have installed the AFS client programs on your workstation. The software organization mirrors the CERN ATLAS site, however there are some differences summarized in the table below:

    CERN location analogous U.S. ATLAS location
    /afs/ /afs/
    /afs/ /afs/
    /afs/ /afs/
    /afs/ /afs/
    /afs/ /afs/

    Note on AFS. AFS is an open source product. Download files are accessible at web page. For machines running Red Hat Linux the RPM installation packages are provided: a user needs to download and install via "rpm --install filename" openafs-kernel, openafs, and openafs-client files and then configure his AFS cell in files ThisCell and CellServDB residing in the /usr/vice/etc directory. The BNL-ACF web page contains a short overview of AFS services at U.S. ATLAS Tier I Computing Facility.

    * ATLAS software releases at BNL


    ATLAS software releases are compiled with gcc 3.2. Two compiler options are available:

    There are two types of ATLAS releases

    For more information about releases please refer to ATLAS Offline Release Page.

    * CMT release tool and its setup


    CMT, the release tool used in ATLAS software development, is installed at /afs/ The CMT setup can be performed exactly like at CERN. The U.S. ATLAS users have an option to use the special script setup_cmt_usatlas.[c]sh that helps to setup CMT properly. The recipe of using this option is the following:

    The similar script, /afs/[c]sh , can be used for CMT setup at CERN (on lxplus machines).

    * Work environment


    After the CMT environment is set, a user can proceed with checkout ATLAS packages (with cmt co command). The work environment for the package is installed with command

    source setup.[c]sh

    run from cmt directory of a package. Then the package can be compiled with make that establishes also InstallArea of the work release with binaries, include, and share files. Script also sets a run-time environment for athena jobs associated with the package providing that the requirements file is properly configured, in particular it should have a dependency on package Control/AthenaRunTime and declare "joboptions" files. In January 2004 the procedure for run-time environment settings has been changed and continues to evolve. Please refer to ATLAS Software Development pages for the latest updates.

    * Relevant links