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Pacman at Tier I Center

This page is not updated since December 2005. Please refer to U.S. ATLAS Software Support Wiki for up-to-date information.

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    Pacman is a package manager in ATLAS Code Distribution System. It manages the web-visible cached repository of distribution kits, handles the dependencies between kits, transports the kits, installs and configures them through post install scripts. At Tier I Center the latest versions of Pacman are installed in /afs/ area. The U.S. ATLAS users have an option to use the special script setup_pacman_usatlas.[c]sh that helps to setup Pacman properly:

           source /afs/[c]sh

    This script sets the http proxy for pacman operations, selects the recent version of Pacman installed at BNL and corresponding version of Python.

    ATLAS distribution kits are very large for having all of them on AFS. At Tier I Center the pacman snapshots of recent releases ("optimized") are installed in directories with releases names in /afs/ from BU-ATLAS:DC2-Base collection (with command pacman -get 8.0.2:AtlasRelease-opt -allow-tar-overwrite). Currently the snapshots are available for the following "optimized" releases:

    8.0.4 Pacman Outlook page
    8.2.0 Pacman Outlook page

    We plan to maintain fully functional mirror of CERN's ATLAS cache as soon as the mirroring technique is provided by the ATLAS Code Distribution Group.

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