US ATLAS SW Infrastructure
Data Storage at U.S. ATLAS Tier I Center

This page is not updated since December 2005. Please refer to U.S. ATLAS Software Support Wiki for up-to-date information.

  • MySQL databases
  • Replication of ATLAS data

    * MySQL databases


    MySQL is a relational database system that is widely used in ATLAS for storage of constants (e.g. calibration constants, NOVA parameters) and metadata. The ATLAS MySQL distribution is installed at /afs/ .

    U.S. ATLAS Tier I facility has the following MySQL servers (visible on web, user/pass is usual for ATLAS web sites):

    Note on MySQL servers at CERN. ATLAS MySQL server at CERN is this time (Jan. 2004) both U.S. and CERN MySQL databases are used by ATLAS software. U.S. ATLAS Tier I Facility does not maintain the copies of CERN databases and vice versa.

    * Replication of ATLAS data


    ATLAS data are replicated at U.S. ATLAS Tier I Center on disk and HPSS system. The replication and access to replicated data is provided by Magda distributed data manager. The Magda web page provides search engine and help information.

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