iVDGL Project Goals for ATLAS

  1. Integrate the GriPhyN VDT (see US ATLAS in GriPhyN) with ATLAS Core Software
  2. Develop two prototype Tier 2 Centers for the US ATLAS Software and Computing Project
  3. Integrate Tier 2 centers with US ATLAS Tier 1 Facility
  4. Support development of US ATLAS distributed IT Infrastructure
  5. Support development of US ATLAS Grid Testbed
  6. Develop, integrate the US ATLAS piece of the iVDGL Laboratory


Contact Information 

  • Rob Gardner, Indiana University, iVDGL co-PI, US ATLAS Distributed IT PM (
  • John Huth, Harvard University, US ATLAS PM (
  • Jim Shank, Boston Univeristy, iVDGL BU-PI (
  • Jennifer Schopf, Argonne Lab, CS Liaison (
  • Saul Yousef, Boston University, ATLAS iVDGL Applications Liaison,  (

    Participants  (partial list) - email me for additions/corrections 

  • Rich Baker, Brookhaven Laboratory, Tier 1 PM, Site AAA (
  • Kaushik De, UT Arlington, GLUE, Interoperability, US ATLAS Testbed PM, GRATS development (
  • Dan Engh, Indiana University, VDC integration  (
  • Jerry Gieraltowski, Argonne Laboratory, PPDG (
  • Fred Luehring, Indiana University, ATLSIM, apps (
  • David Malon, Argonne Laboratory, VDT, DB (
  • Ed May, Argonne Laboratory, PPDG (
  • Shawn McKee, University of Michigan, Networking PM, QoS (
  • Iwona Sakrejda, Berkeley Laboratory, Testbed, apps  (
  • Horst Severini, Oklahoma University, Testbed, apps (
  • Shava Smallen, Indiana University, GRAPPA (
  • Jason Smith, Brookhaven Laboratory, Installation kits, VDT (
  • Sasha Vaniachine, Argonne Laboratory, VDC integration  (
  • Torre Wenaus, Broohaven Laboratory/CERN, LCG  (
  • Dantong Yu, Brookhaven Laboratory, Monitoring (

    Prototype Tier 2 Centers


    iVDGL Milestones, Projects


    Trilium:  iVDGL is collaborating with PPDG and GriPhyN as a three prong approach to data grids for US physics experiments.


    U.S. Department of Energy Brookhaven National Laboratory

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